Marketing toolkit

From crafting marketing strategies and running email campaigns to keeping close track of every lead and conversation, marketing becomes more efficient when using the right tools. During multiple marketing years, I have my shortlist of tools I have experience in and feel confident with.


I’ve worked in the marketing field since 2011. During these years I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple fast-paced startups as well as companies  pushing boundaries of innovation and challenging outdated business practices. I’ve learned that marketing entails a lot and staying nimble and flexible is what it takes to not fall behind. Below are some bits and pieces of my experience.


Online research, market analysis, customer demographics, preferences & needs, product evaluation.


Market research. target market, positioning, competitive analysis, market strategy, social media, budgeting & metrics.

Lead Generation

Lead research & management, tracking, pipeline analysis, warm email followups to nurture leads. Managing an outsourced lead-researcher team.


Product marketing, campaign set-up & management, targeted landing pages, heat-maps, custom tracking tools.


Crafting and designing business proposals with content and imagery that help seal the deal.


Keeping close track of each lead, prospect or client and not letting opportunities fall though cracks. Working with lead management, pipeline analysis,  sales and campaign strategy, follow-up and drip campaigns, CRM set-up among other responsibilities.


Project planning, management and execution. Managing research & design teams.

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