Design toolkit

From designing pitch decks to building targeted landing pages for clients and marketing campaigns,  design and web development skills have helped me develop into a more rounded marketer. I’m confident with multiple design tools and at certain level, with front-end development.


I’ve been interested in Web & Design since the very start of my marketing career.  I’ve had the opportunity to bring my design skills to the table for every position I’ve worked with allowing for more flexibility and ability to carry thorough high variety of projects. Below you can find some of the key focus areas and work examples.

Website development

Below is some of my recent website design & development work I’ve done.  List of responsibilities include cooperating with a UX designer on design, server and WordPress CMS set-up, custom CSS styling and minor Javascript adjustments, image optimisation, design assist, SEO, multi-language set-up and plugin customisation.

Proposal / Presentation design

Using well though out imagery and content to craft presentations that are clean, attractive and capture client attention.


Brand purpose and positioning, market research, tone & voice, color palette, on-brand supporting graphics, brand guidelines.

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